Who We Serve

Here at Riverbend, it doesn’t matter your season of life, we desire to build relationships and design strategic financial plans to help you today and far into the future.

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Individuals & Families

Prosperity and success brings with it a host of challenges and responsibilities. By understanding the dynamics of your life and financial goals, we can develop plans to help preserve and grow your wealth while helping keep your financial affairs in order. We offer guidance on education planning, family stewardship planning, retirement planning, estate and tax planning, charitable endeavors, insurance reviews, and legacy planning. You will find us to be extremely responsive and knowledgeable --ready to quickly answer any question and respond to your needs with skill and sensitivity.

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Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners

We specialize in helping business owners create financial balance and purpose, driven by their own vision of the future. Business owner planning is very different than traditional personal financial planning, and thus brings to the forefront a whole new universe of financial opportunities for affective change that can drive the business, the owner and their family to new levels of financial peace of mind.

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Retirement is a lifestyle change. You have worked and saved your entire life so that one day you could have the time, money and flexibility to enjoy life a bit, and focus on people and activities you've dreamed about for years. The last thing you want to do is spend your time worrying about how to invest your money and whether you will have enough resources to sustain your retirement goals.

We help retirees answer common questions, such as:

-Now that I don't have a regular paycheck, where is my spending money going to come from?

-What is the most tax efficient way for me to spend my assets?

-How can I pass on my values to my heirs and not just my valuables? 

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Corporations, Executives & Professionals

We work with companies, school systems, and non-profit organizations of all sizes to help make sound financial decisions taking into account employees and plan participants. Plan sponsors often struggle to address the challenges of regulatory and ERISA compliance, how to properly manage fiduciary risk, and adequately prepare plan participants for retirement. We strive to deliver industry best practices, advise prudent decisions, and systematize investment oversight and vendor management.