Our Philosophy

Legacy is a powerful word, and can stir up wide-ranging emotions, thoughts, and even definitions.

We believe legacies involve much more than deciding upon distribution of assets once you are gone. The best legacies are active and alive today. They are represented by lives being lived well now, which in turn set a strong foundation to deliver lasting impact for years to come. Legacies are stories woven together by values, belief systems and actions.

To us, living an active legacy today means:

  • Expressing desires and goals in actions as well as words
  • Actively embracing beliefs, values, traditions and experiences in everyday life
  • Giving back to family, community, and charitable organizations

At Riverbend Financial Group, our Legacy philosophy starts with getting to know each client on a personal level, and understanding each clients’ life dreams and financial goals.

From there, we speak with candor and care, helping design legacies that clients’ are comfortable with, taking into account financial goals, family dynamics, and other areas of impact.

We treat the legacy gift each client wants to give his loved ones with the utmost respect and regard, and are honored to be a part of the legacy gift-giving process.